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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wikipedia: What links here, links there.

Let me take some blog space to give kudos to Wikipedia, the largest free source of information on the web. It is unbelievable to see how Wiki (as it is popularly known) has mushroomed into such a huge information warehouse. The farthest of topics seem to have been covered on Wiki, that's what surprises me. I am totally hooked to Wiki if I need some information. You can edit, add content, and everything is linked! Hats of Wiki, cause I can see it "Open Source" is finding its way into this world.

Some famed knowledge banks:

(1) Wikipedia,
(2) How Stuff Works,
(3) W3Schools,
(4) OCW (Open Course Ware), MIT, (class lecture videos, notes, assignments,etc. I also followed classes on General Relativity & Managerial Accounting!)
(5) Slashdot,

Of course there is always a concern about the authenticity of information on Wiki, but hey! you aren't going to write a technical paper with wiki as a reference, You are just acquiring knowledge free of cost.



Blogger Kavi said...

Where Wikipedia doesn't work, try ur hand at Kavipedia ;)!!!

8:03 AM  

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